Tree Surgery... Tree Cutting... Tree Work... Tree Removing...
Call it what you like, our team work day-to-day at commercial and residential properties cutting trees. We have the equipment and the experience to safely remove your trees with limited fuss. Have a look below at our services.

Tree Felling

We cut any tree of any size. We have the finest surgeons and the best tools for the job.

With a team of highly-skilled and qualified arborists, and access to the finest equipment, there is no situation too complex that we cannot resolve.

  • We are fully insured and protected
  • We have access to cranes for more complex work
  • All waste goes to local recycling, leaving your property tidy


Tree Reductions

Tree Surgery has many forms away from complete removal of the tree.

Here's a list of services involving pruning and tidying of the tree, that you may ask for.

  • CROWN THINNING - When you have dead branches better removed
  • CROWN REDUCTION - Involves reducing the overall size of the tree
  • CROWN LIFTING - raising the height of the branches of the tree
  • POLLARDING - when a tree becomes a hazard to its surrounding i.e. electricity lines
If in doubt, give us a shout and we can give you our best advice.


Stump Grinding

The removal of large, unwanted, and in some cases hazardous, stumps.

We use a large, mechanical power tool, called Stump Grinder, to chips away at heavy, dense wood in the ground. A stump grinder looks like an oversized lawnmower and is made up with large razor sharp teeth and a high-speed rotating disk to break away at the most stubborn of tree stumps.


Need more infomation?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information you require.