Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery… Tree Cutting… Tree Work… Tree Removing…

Call it what you like! At M & J Tree Specialists, our team works day-to-day at residential and commercial properties cutting trees. We have the equipment and the experience to safely remove or reshape your trees. We bring Berkshire & Buckinghamshire’s landscapes to life through meticulous tree care and unparalleled expertise.

Tree Felling

When a tree becomes hazardous due to disease, damage, or its proximity to structures, it might need to be removed. Our tree surgeons carefully plan and execute tree removal to ensure the safety of people and property in the vicinity.

Tree Pruning

We prune trees selectively removing branches to improve the tree’s structure, promote healthy growth and improve its appearance. Proper pruning can also prevent potential hazards, such as dead or weak branches that could fall and cause damage.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinders chop away at heavy, dense wood in the ground. A stump grinder looks like an oversized lawnmower and is made up with large razor sharp teeth and a high-speed rotating disk to break away at the most stubborn of tree stumps.

All Aspects Covered

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is removing dead or dying branches, enhancing the tree’s appearance and reducing potential safety hazards.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is done to prevent the tree from interfering with structures, improve natural lighting, or reduce wind resistance.

Crown Lifting

Crown thinning involves selectively removing interior branches to increase light penetration and air circulation within the canopy.


Pollarding is a pruning technique where the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting new growth.

Tree Emergencies

During storms or emergencies, we provide immediate response to remove fallen trees or branches, making roads safe.

Site Clearance

If you’re planning to develop work on site we’ll have all your waste cleared away and disposed of.

Crown Thinning

Here are before and afters of Crown Thinning we did in Winter 2023, the customer was delighted with the result and so were we!

Crown Thinning involves us:

  • Selectively removing inner branches within the tree’s canopy
  • Pruning targetting dead, weak, or congested branches

Crown Thinning results in:

  • Enhanced light penetration and airflow while maintaining the tree’s natural shape
  • Reduced canopy density, promoting tree health, and minimising the risk of branch failure
A tree our customer asked to thin for themCrown Thinning after work complete


Please click on the links to see what people are saying about us and our work on Which? Trusted Traders, Checkatrade and Google Reviews. We appreciate all of the feedback we receive from our customers.

Client Testimonials

Google Review, 5 stars

“This company are amazing. Mark came over gave me a quote and did exactly what it says on the tin. Got rid of a hideous tree and the stump out as well. Even did a little extra with no additional cost. If I ever need a tree surgeon again I will definitely call M & J.”

S Gill, Maidenhead

Google Review, 5 stars

“Normally people do not write any review until the job is fully done but I am so impressed with their professionalism that I decided to write this even the work is still on. We had few trees removed, shredded and now stump-grinding. Mark is leading the team with his sons onboard and with all the modem tools needed to carry out the job properly and professionally.. 5-Stars from us! Thank you M&J and keep up with the good work.”

A Khan, Slough

Areas We Cover

Our tree surgery team work across the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Surrey area covering:

  • M&J Stump Grinder in action

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